The Community of Industrial Zone and Industrial Service Business (VIZ community) is a voluntary group, formed on the basis of bringing together organizations and individuals with the same desire to develop the industrial real estate market and industrial service in Vietnam.

For each community group, the members are the ones who decide the fate and value of the community. The community can thrive because members contribute, preserve and protect the standard values. In response to that, the Community Executive Board will always strive to create a healthy, united and respectful playground to deserve the trust of its members.



Formed voluntarily, accompanied by finding common values. The VIZ community will thrive thanks to the binders:

- Sharing opportunities, experiences and knowledge;

- Fairness and transparency in cooperation;

- Respectful and sincere in behavior.


The VIZ community agreed to limit the scope of activities including:

- Business development of industrial parks and industrial clusters;

- Investment promotion, investment consulting and support for investors in implementing business investment in Vietnam;

- Trade promotion, business matching;

- Connecting industrial service business;

- Connecting manufactures, supply chains of supporting industry products;

- Organizing knowledge and experience sharing activities;

- Career connection, job introduction support;

- Volunteer activities.


Financial: Community activities, joint programs will be organized based on the voluntary contributions of the participating members. Finance is managed openly and transparently throughout the whole process of organization and operation;

Legal: All community activities and programs must strictly comply with legal regulations;

Cultural: Behave with standards, have a culture, respect privacy, respect differences. When conducting business cooperation, it is necessary to ensure compliance with business ethics.



- To share opportunities, experiences and knowledge from the Executive Board and from members of the community;

- Connect with members, live together in a healthy and valuable community;

- Support career opportunities from members through career information sharing activities and employer connection programs;

- Have the opportunity to assert self-worth, develop capacity and build personal brand;

- Participate in volunteering and community activities.


- Understand, comply and strictly implement community regulations. Disseminate, share, support and guide other members of the community in order to create a community with strict principles;

- Do not commit illegal acts. Self-responsibility for their own decisions, willing to cooperate when there are disputes, complaints and other arising issues that need to be resolved;

- Enthusiastically contribute, share, build and protect the values ​​of the community for the common goal of building a healthy community, respecting each other;

- When there is a problem, or when discovering unhealthy or destructive phenomena, it is the responsibility of the member to contact the Moderator first for timely resolution;

- VIZ community is formed and developed based on the voluntary spirit of its members. Voluntary and sincere is what the Executive Board wants much more than the regulations on binding responsibility.


In order for the community to thrive and be a place of values, we do not want and do not welcome the following behaviors:

- Acts that violate the law;

- Acts harmful to children's rights and interests;

- Words that incite hostility;

- Shocking and indignant behavior;

- Harassment, threatening behavior;

- Acts of impersonation, fraud...

The identification of violations of the regulations on prohibited activities and the implementation of remedial measures are taken by the Executive Board and Active Members, we cannot guarantee that the handling is 100% accurate, but they I will always be fair, strong-willed, determined based on the determination to make the community healthy to protect other members and develop common values.