In 2007, Vietnam officially became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Since then, foreign direct investment (FDI) has poured into Vietnam in many fields, marking a milestone for the change in continuous economic growth in the following years. Among investment needs, FDI's primary concern is the location of production. Therefore, Vietnam Industrial Zone Portal (VIZ) was established with the initial mission of supporting foreign investors easily, quickly and adequately in research and search effective investment locations in Vietnam's industrial zones.

After many years of providing investment promotion consulting services in industrial parks, besides the success in advising investors to find effective investment locations, advising industrial park investors in developing projects in the right direction, promoting investment in the right way, VIZ also observed many limitations in the development strategy of industrial parks, industrial clusters and investment promotion activities of the project owners. With the multi-dimensional experience gained, and the desire to promote the sustainable development of Vietnam's industrial parks, VIZ has constantly improved the system, improved the quality of strategic consulting services, developed the promotion network and creat a unique system of investment promotion tools, effectively supporting industrial parks and industrial clusters investors right from the stage of feasibility study, business strategy formation to the stage of investment promotion, finding and attracting customers.


To become a partner to accompany the development of modern industrial parks approaching the world's leading group and to act as a bridge between Vietnam's industrial park infrastructure investors and the world.


Promote sustainable development of a system of smart and modern industrial parks with international standards in Vietnam. Develop industrial ecosystem, optimize industrial value chain and increase synergistic efficiency.


VIZ takes ENTHUSIASM as the foundation for all activities; Always aiming to create sustainable values for customers, partners, employees and the community.

VIZ considers TALENT as the vitality, the driving force for development; Uphold the spirit of creativity, continuous improvement to create breakthroughs step by step.

VIZ keeps TRUST in all cooperation; We always prepare carefully and do our best to bring values over our commitment.



Providing consulting services of high quality, creativity and humanity. Crystallized inside each consulting service that VIZ provides to customers is a combination of outstanding quality, multi-dimensional perspective and in-depth understanding.


Promote the spirit of cooperation and development. VIZ is committed to becoming a "Prestige and Trust Companion" of shareholders and partners. Create and increase attractive and sustainable investment values.


Creat a dynamic, creative, fair and humane working environment. Uphold the spirit of cooperation so that each employee can bring into full play their talents as well as their hearts to bring benefits to themselves, their families, businesses and society.


Harmonize the interests of business and the interests of society. Actively contribute to community activities. Put Green and Sustainable development criteria on top priority. Show civic responsibility and national spirit.